Creating your Company/Legal Entity
Sure, you could pay an expensive lawyer to do this for you. Or you can save a ton and use one of these services:
Contracts and Basic Legal Services
Save time and money on common legal documents and services:
Creating Documents, Presentations & Spreadsheets
Don’t spend money on software licenses!
Register Your Domain
Website Hosting
Website hosting is critical, so you want to get this right!
  • GoDaddy - very inexpensive but reliable hosting for basic websites
  • RackSpace - the best if you have a very high volume website or need a custom hosting solution
  • WP Engine - the best if you have a WordPress website
Keep Your Passwords Safe & Organized
With all of the various accounts you’ll have for your business, this is a MUST!
Communicate with the World!
The easiest and cheapest way to keep in touch with your team and vendors around the world!
Competitive Research!
Use these tools to spy on what your competitors are doing:
Market Research
Great tools for researching topics, trends, and what’s selling:
Logo Design
Don’t pay an expensive designer, go here instead!
Business Card & Other Printing
Website Design
Some self-service tools, and some outsourced design services, depending your budget and willingness to try to do it yourself!
Project Management Tools
Don’t try to run your business without one of these!
Accounting Systems
EVERY business must use an accounting system. We recommend that you use something that is cloud-based so you can easily integrate it with your bank accounts, payroll, etc.
Crowdfunding has become an incredibly viable way to get a product or project funded!
Proposal Generation
Make share looking proposals quickly and easily:
Email Communications
There are a lot of options out there, but we love these:
Phone Systems
Have the sound of a big company phone system…even when you aren’t!
Accepting Payments & Invoicing
You have to be able to take your customers’ money!
Shopping Cart/eCommerce
It’s become amazingly simple to launch an ecommerce store online!
Web Analytics
Pretty Much All of Your Business Processes!
These platforms are sophisticated enough to practically run your whole business on autopilot:
It’s never been a better time to be an advertiser! So many amazing and affordable options:
Outsourcing Pretty Much Everything!
Need a video created? Website designed? Someone to sing you happy birthday?!

Here are some of our favorite outsourcing resources. If you’ve never looked into these before to see the vast marketplace of outsourcing options, it will be a real eye-opener:
Finding Suppliers/Manufacturers
You can find a manufacturer or supplier of any product you can image right here:
Finding Filipino Outsourcers
Customer Support Ticketing Systems
Providing good customer support is essential; these ticketing systems will make sure you do:
Landing Pages
Landing pages are an essential tool of online marketing.These resources make it very easy to create great ones:
Screen Capture
Very helpful tools for recording videos or images from your screen – super handy for creating information products or training materials.
Video Hosting
Video has become an incredibly powerful way of communicating with the world and a wonderful marketing tool. You can host your videos here:
Show Off Your Entrepreneurial Pride!
Let the world know you are proud to be an entrepreneur! This is our store, by the way!
Call Tracking
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