Case Study: 90 Days to Success Selling
Products on Amazon (Part 2 of 3) 
Written by Mike Cooch
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The team at has been entrepreneuring (is that a word?) for a long time now, and teaching other people about entrepreneuring for the last several years.

We get a kick out of helping other people start their own business, and we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities that will make it easier for people to achieve their dream of business ownership and financial independence.

That’s why we are super-excited to share our experiences with selling products on Amazon.

This is probably the simplest business we’ve ever started, and if you follow the model outlined in this series of posts, the likelihood of success is very high.

Now, let me be clear with an earnings disclaimer: EVERY business requires hard work at some point or another. Your success in this model is NOT guaranteed, just like it’s not guaranteed with any business. The results we have experienced may not be typical, and certainly shouldn’t be expected for those unwilling to do the work!

That being said, some business models are just easier than others, and this one is great!

I’m so excited and confident in this model, that I’ve even been pushing my own mom to get involved so she can generate some extra retirement income!

Our goal is to help you get started generating an income on Amazon as quickly and easily as possible by providing you with the fundamentals.

In our case, our very first attempt at this process resulted in us reaching about $5,000/month in income in just about 60 days.

Depending on your situation, $5,000 may not seem like much, or it may seem like a dream come true. Considering the average American family doesn’t make much more than that each month, I believe it’s a number that can be life-changing for most people.

The process we followed to get there can certainly be done more quickly than that (we’ve found that the biggest variable is the time it takes to get products from China), but it’s also realistic that it could take up to 90 days. Be patient and keep your goal in mind!

Ok, let’s get to it!

The Six Steps to Building Your Business on Amazon…We Are On Steps 3 And 4 

In our previous post, we covered 8 Reasons Why You Should Start a Business Selling on Amazon, and the first two steps in the six step process to build your business on Amazon.

If you missed our first post, you should go read it now!

Here are the six steps again to recap:

  • 1. Find a product to sell
  • 2. Find a product supplier
  • 3. Get set up for business in Amazon
  • 4. Create your product listing in Amazon
  • 5. Setup Fulfillment by Amazon
  • 6. Market your product

In this post, we are going to cover #3, which is ‘Get set up for business in Amazon’, and #4, which is ‘Create your product listing on Amazon’.

By this point in the process, you should have found a product that you are going to sell, and found a supplier to provide that product to you at a cost that will allow you to be profitable.

Once you’ve done that, you need to get that product up in Amazon so people can buy it from you – the exciting part!

But first, you have to...

Step #3: Get Set Up for Business in Amazon

Before you can tap into the amazing marketplace that Amazon has created and given you access to, you’ll need to show them that you’re a real business.

You’re going to create what’s known as a ‘Seller Central Account’ at Amazon. Once it’s approved and created, you’ll be ready to start selling!

Here’s the information you’re going to need to set up your account:

  • Email address (not linked to an Amazon account)
  • Bank account
  • Address
  • Seller name
  • Phone number
  • Credit card
  • Company name (not necessary right away)

Don’t panic if you don’t currently have an actual company set up yet. For now, you can just use your name as your company name and update this later when you’ve set up an actual business.

In fact, everything that you enter when creating your Seller Central Account can be edited later – it’s not set in stone.

Watch this quick video from Caroline; she’ll walk you through the entire process of setting up your Seller Central Account on Amazon.

Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?!

Considering that that’s all you need to do to start working with one of the largest and most successful businesses on the planet, I’d say it’s about as easy as you could possibly hope for!

Now that you are set up to do business on Amazon, it’s time to…

Step #4: Create Your Product Listing in Amazon

Your product listing on Amazon is the information that people see about your product when they are shopping on Amazon.

Pictures, the name of your product, the price of your product, and the description of your product – that all comes from the information you enter when your create your product listing.

It may seem that creating a product listing is just a simple administrative process, but it’s important that you learn to see it in a different way, because…


Why is your product listing so important?

Here’s why:

If you are following our process, then you aren’t inventing a new, innovative product that is truly unique in the marketplace.

In fact, you’re doing pretty much exactly the opposite.

You’re taking an existing product that is a proven seller, putting your name on it, and putting it up for sale right next to your competitor.

So, if that’s the case, the only way you are really going to stand out to Amazon shoppers is by what they find in your product listing.

Your product listing is your first and best marketing tool in the Amazon selling process.

A good product listing needs to:

  • 1. Draw your customer’s attention
  • 2. Sell them on the positive benefits of your product
  • 3. Convince them to hit the buy button (in addition to, of course, telling them what exactly it is you are selling)!

So creating a good product listing is of paramount importance in this process if you want to be successful on Amazon.

Learn more about how to create a good product listing, as well as other important tips to get started on Amazon, by downloading our Amazon Quick Start Toolkit now:

Let’s Look at an Example

Let me show you an example to illustrate the importance of a good product listing.

I just went into Amazon and did a search for ‘cupcake liners’.

Totally random…I know…but I know that kitchen products are a hot category for marketers like you and me, so I figured I’d find a good example here.

And I wasn’t let down.

Two of the products that came up in my search results that were listed right next to each other perfectly prove my point about the importance of treating your product listing like a marketing tool.

Let’s first look at the two listings as they appeared on the main search results page in Amazon:

What do you notice about the two?

Which one would you choose to click on to learn more about the product?


A percentage of you would immediately pick the first product because it is almost half the cost of the second.

However, many of you would have noticed a few things about the second listing that would have sparked some interest.

Things like:

  • The bigger product picture
  • The use of the language ‘#1 Rated’, ‘Never Buy Paper Cups Again’ and ‘Lifetime Guarantee’
  • The much larger number of positive customer reviews
  • The #1 Best Seller badge

The second product listing is clearly superior when viewed as a marketing tool, and the sales results prove it (thus the Top Seller badge)!

Now let’s actually click into the product listing details of each product and take a look:

This first product listing is dry and boring! There is nothing interesting about it at all.

Now, you may be thinking, “Mike, they’re cupcake liners…there’s nothing exciting about them at all.”

But you’d be wrong!

Look at the product listing details of the second product (I added the red underlining to help you notice a few things!):

This product listing practically makes their cupcake liners seems as sexy as a red Ferrari!

I’m thinking about buying some, and I don’t even bake!

The Product Listing is Critically Important!

Hopefully I’ve made my point well enough to convince that, although it may not seem sexy, taking the time to create a really good product listing is as important as any other step in this process.

To help you with ‘how’ to do it, Caroline from the KillMyJob team has put together a couple of handy videos.

The first walks you through How to Set Up Your First Product Listing:

And the second shows you How to Write a Good Product Title, which covers the importance of including keywords in your title, as well as some core concepts of copywriting:

WAIT! Was That Your First Sale on Amazon?!

At this point in our six-step process, you may start getting sales!

You’ve put an actual product listing up on Amazon and when you make it live in Amazon’s store, real customers can purchase it from you!

Wasn’t that easy?

There is nothing more exciting than getting your first sales in a new business, so when it happens, make sure to celebrate!

But we’re not done yet…so don’t leave us yet!

In our next post, we’re going to cover two BIG topics – numbers five and six in our six-step process – Setting up Fulfillment by Amazon so that Amazon can do all of the packing and shipping of your products for you, and Marketing Your Product so that you can really start to crank up the sales!

This is where all of your hard work so far really pays off and things start to get fun.

Once you are set up with Fulfillment by Amazon and you have our marketing process in place, this business becomes very attractive due to it’s predictable cash flow and its nearly 100% automation – which means you don’t have to work nearly as hard on it going forward as you’ve done to get it launched.

That’s why we love this business so much!

You put in the hard work up front, and the reward is a simple business that practically runs itself.

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If you like what you’re learning, then download our Amazon Quick Start Toolkit and we’ll give you a few of our favorite resources to help you get started with this opportunity:

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  • 3. Read post #3 in this series…don’t lost momentum now!

All the best,

Mike Cooch and the Be A Capitalist Team

Mike Cooch

Mike generates 6-7 big ideas before breakfast (conservative estimate). CEO & founder is a “serial entrepreneur” with Texas-sized passion for sales & marketing, business development, and technology. He is an expert in local and digital marketing. His businesses have been named to the INC Magazine List of Fastest Growing Companies three years in a row, and were also nominated as a Best Place to Work in their respective cities. He is married with three children, and is learning to surf in his new hometown of San Diego (lifestyle design, baby!).

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